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Thic black girls showing off their big round asses in hardcore fuck scenes!

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Featuring non-White Girls

First up let me just say that I am a fan of the girls on this site, they are gorgeous.

But I really am struggling to understand who the site sets out to showcase and that is because I’m pretty sure that I actually do understand it, but just don’t want to accept that it can be so.

So the site showcases exotic girls in the nude and of course the word exotic is highly relative to your location since the word literally only means that it is something that is foreign to you. Since this is an internet site and the internet is global then one exotic girl is completely common to another. If a Chinese person was to look at a Chinese girl there would be nothing exotic about her.

Thing is, the site showcases all girls except white girls. Flatout and simply so. The logic… well, it’s non-existent and clearly another example of American ignorance.

Back to the original point: The girls are hot and the site gets full marks in that regard.

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