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Month: April, 2010

Black bitch rent a man to fucked her

A black ass bitch who is married for four years and has aleady two kids, her four years of marriage becomes colorful in terms of social lifestyle and financial status, this are both fine but when it comes to her sex life this black ass bitch has a lonely and unsatisfied sex life because her husband is very busy thats why they fucked very often and has a very poor performance in sex because he is busy everytime he is coming home he is already tired and she is having a hard time for her husband’s erection so she hired someone to fucked her.

Black lady fucked after losing to billiards

This black ass lady is very good when playing in billiards she is already playing while she is about seven years old until now she is still playing so she become very good when playing billiards. This black ass lady is going to every cities that has a competition and making bets to make money. At a one event she played with a man that has a lot of money to put on the bet and is also very good in billiard the man offer a big money if the girl will defeate her but when the man wins the game she will fucked her.

High school teacher fucked by her student

A very strict black ass lady who has a reading glasses got fucked by her student inside their classroom after having a deep conversation about the bad attitude of her student. The black ass teacher calls on her student to talk after class about hir failing grades, class performance and attendance. Their conversation went into an agreement that the teacher make a deal that if the student will fucked her he will passed the exam but if he dont fucked her of course he will failed so the student decided to fucked her inside the classroom to get the passing grade.

Black lady gives a blow job at a fitting room

A black ass lady buy a bikini in a department store together with husband and daughter after picking her best choice her black ass went to the fitting room and fit the bikini she was about to buy while looking into the mirror she feel uncomfortable that the bikini did not look good to her body so she decided to call her husband to check whether the bikini is good or bad after taking a look her husband got horny because of the bikini her wife is wearing so she enters the fitting room and beg her wife to give her a blow job.

Men fucked a black receptionist while waiting

A black ass woman who is a receptionist in marketing agency got fucked because the customer is waiting for a long time already and the receptionist do all her best to entertained the customer but yet he is so pissed because the man waste her time waiting. When the day goes by and the guy is still waiting and some of the customers and employees are about to leave the building the black ass lady start thinking of something she would offer that the man that would not hesitate to say no, she offer the man a blow job until the boss come.

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She put that fine black ass in a sexy outfit and seduced a guy. The guy gave her some hard fucking and she loved it.

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