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Month: May, 2010

Teacher got fucked at the last day of school

It was second to the last before the class leave to it’s summer vacation. This black ass girl is a teacher. On the last day her co worker visited her at the classroom. As her co teacher always visiting her after class this visit is different compared to the past because this visit has a deep reason. He said to the girl that since it is the last day of the school year and they are all alone in the room so he ask the black ass teacher to fucked inside the classroom as a remembrance for this years school year.

Accidental sex in a house party

It was friday night at a one house party of my male friend. He invited me and some of my friends to come around. After having a lot of drinks and partying all night and get drunk we all ended up taking a rest at the living room. I didn’t noticed that it was already 5am in the morning. So I decided to fix myself and grab a glass of water as I turned around I was shocked when I saw a naked guy in front of me. He is also shocked because he taught that everybody is still sleeping. As I saw him naked I get naked too and we start fucking in that moment.

A hard sex on the sofa

My black ass got wet when a man with a big penis fucked me so hard. It all starts when he kissed me hungrily and started to touched and squeeze my boobs. His right hand made its way under my denim skirt as he slide his fingers at the side of my panties and he begun finger fucking me. I couldn’t contain myself as I rubbed my hand againts his cock. He instructed me to remove my skirt together with my panties to show my black ass. As he also removes all of his clothes and showing her sexy body and a hard cock in front of me.

Having sex doing a class project

It was two weeks before her final’s week in her school and her black ass has a deadline for a project to class as a requirement to complete the computation of her grade. She wanted to be with her boyfriend so she asked her man to help him out. While working on the project inside her room the black ass lady started to get horny so the she insisted on having sex with her man but they took it slow by doing the smooth and dirty things first. They started in having her boobs massaged and giving her man a blow job before they fucked.

Jewelry to the pussy to be more attractive

Some of the lady feel uncomfortable when there is a thing that is bothering their pussy one of the example is a jewelry or a earings because they cant move so much. But this black ass girl has a three white gold jewelry on her pussy her reason is to put a man a unique vision when looking on to her pussy and also by licking her pussy that added different strokes because the man feels a new thing that gives them new ideas and technique in having sex. That is why this black ass lady has a lot of jewelry in her body.

Shinny ass lady stuck a pink dick to her ass

Black ass lady who loves to put some oil to grease her up while somebody is about fuck her because she want to have sex with a man who is forcing her to fucked her she likes to tease a man in the bed so when the man has his erection she will eventually hang the guy for a minute not to fucked her for the man to feel excited and horny so the man will forced her to fucked. The long time the man wait the more aggressive they become thats why she put some oil for her not to capture very easy.

Girl place her best position in sex

This black ass girl who is very flexible when it comes to sex, a lot of man don’t know how to hit the G spot, so she explained to the man how to hit the G spot. Black ass lady demonstrate the right position and angle to hit the G spot and to have a multiple orgasm. she said that it has to be done when the pussy became very wet before stucking your dick into her pussy, long fore play and pussy licking is the best way to wet the pussy, This position is the right thing to do to hit the G spot.

Black lady all over a black dick

A black ass lady has a one night stand to the man that she met in a street party, this black ass lady is addicted to a huge cock everytime she is having sex with some man all of the men that fucked her telling that they were shocked by the the aggressiveness and performance that this girl is giving them it seems like after tasting one dick she never taste it again for a long time that is what the man who fucked her felt. That why a man who will fucked her the next time needs to be in full condition.

Two horny teacher’s fucked each other

Two horny teachers fucked each other when they had a overtime when preparing their lesson plan this two teachers has a husband and wife waiting at their houses. The black ass lady and the other teacher has been a fuck buddies everytime the black ass teacher feels horny she called her co teacher to fucked her and vice versa to the other teacher. Every month when they are doing their lesson plan like other teachers do making reports and notes to be prepared for their next lessons but this two teacher has a different role when making an overtime because this is their only chance to fucked.

Best ever sex performance in their relationship

Black ass lady who has a long time boyfriend and soon will be getting married, this couples has a lot of different experiences and experimentaion when it comes in their sex life. Before they get married they both decided to have a one night stand with the strangers before they get married. The reason for this is for them not to engage with somebody when they are already married thats why they are having their last betrayal with each other. The black ass girl fucked by her co worker who is a dance instructor and the man fucked better than her future husband.