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Thanks to the huge success of mobile apps like Tinder (and if you’re gay, Grinder), more and more people are thinking that the best way to find sex online is through apps. Actually this is a mixed bag. While there are some distinct advantages to using apps to find sex online, there are also distinct disadvantage that you need to be aware of. Depending on your set of circumstances, these disadvantages might outweigh whatever advantages these mobile dating apps bring to the table.

Yes, you get a fully localized solution

There many advantages that sex dating apps can offer, but the biggest advantage truly is their localized solution. For the longest time, you have to join a website and search in your local area. A lot of people lie, a lot of people are stupid, a lot of people are clueless regarding their actual location. You think that this woman is located in your city but it turns out she’s actually located hundreds of miles away. That’s how stupid and clueless some people can be.

Well, you can say goodbye to all that drama with a mobile app. You have to remember that when you download and install a mobile dating app, you give it permission to publish your location. This means that people who are looking for dates within a few miles from their mobile phone are able to find you. This is an amazing advantage, and for many people it outweighs whatever negatives mobile sex apps bring to the table.

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One big disadvantage of mobile sex apps is that they are very focused on your appearance. If you don’t look like Leonardo diCaprio or George Clooney, chances of you getting laid are quite minimal. A lot of people will swipe the right way on your profile if you look really good.

Sadly, guys who have physical deformities or guys who don’t look all that hot or don’t hit the gym often get sidelined. These guys may actually be great sexual performers. These guys might have very funny personalities. But all these women are simply going to miss out because the guys don’t look have the right look.

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Increasingly a lot of mobile dating apps are being taken over by spammers. You might think that you’re talking to this hot blonde blue-eyed goddess who lives down the street from you, but it turns out to be some dude who lives in the Philippines trying to scam you out of your credit card number. Unfortunately, spammers and scammers have proliferated on online dating platforms, thanks to mobile apps.

A lot of spammers in the United States are actually outsourcing their spamming activities to outsource companies or individual freelancers located in the Philippines, India, and other places with a large population of English speakers to take advantage of gullible users of mobile dating apps. Consider yourself warned on mobile dating, a site that I’v found to be very usefull in finding sex in my area is

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